Adjustable Mannequin v1.2 - Blender 4.0+

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The Adjustable Mannequin allows you to create any character you can think of. The mannequin is rigged and the rig contains multiple sliders that allows you to control various parts of the character, such as the breasts, hips, arms, legs etc. You can also manipulate the rig manually to create some more varied characters.

The mannequin uses a very simple IK rig which allows you to simply drag the hands, feet and hips into place and the rest of the body will follow.

Version 1.2 includes character presets and Pose presets using Blender's Asset Library. Simply double click on any of the presets and it will apply those changes to the model. You can also select certain bones and the asset will only change those bones.

You'll receive a Blender file containing the rigged mannequin. You'll also get a .cats file which is what Blender uses to store the Asset Library. You'll also receive a PDF file containing documentation and tips on how best to use the mannequin.

This is NOT an Addon, so Extract the files and you'll find the Blender file and documentation.

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A Blender file containing the Adjustable Mannequin. You'll also receive documentation which explains everything in more detail

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Adjustable Mannequin v1.2 - Blender 4.0+

54 ratings
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